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Pest Control and Extermination Services

The BUG stops here! We are the experts in eliminating and preventing any pest control situation you can encounter here in the Great Northwest. Below you will find a more detailed description of the services we offer. Call the experts at Eugene Pest Control and Extermination.

Residential Pest Control:

Your home is your safe haven. When it becomes infested with creepy insects or rodents that feeling can fade fast! That’s where we come in. We can quickly eliminate any pest control issue you are having in your home and eliminate it for good. Keep your home protected from damage and mayhem. Call us today to set up your FREE pest inspection. We would be happy to look over your property and make sure your home is safe. Call today!

Commercial Pest Control:

Industrial and Commercial properties require moderate upkeep to retain their value. Eliminating pests who could be causing serious damage to the building is an important part of that. We can help! For years our team of experts have helped business owners maintain their properties to keep a nice, safe environment. We can show you the newest, most effective techniques and keep you on top of the game. Call today!

Pest Extermination:

When you are dealing with insects, there are so many types and varieties that it is most effective to let a professional who can identify them handle the situation. If you don’t you can end up over spending on repeat methods that just don’t completely work! That’s why you should trust the professionals at Eugene Pest Control and Extermination. We can handle the problem and keep it away. Call now!

Rodent Removal:

Unfortunately people and animals sometimes just don’t mix. If you find yourself living with a creature who is invading your home, leave it to the professionals! These animals can be aggressive and dangerous. We have trapped and relocated many animals over the years in hundred of different types of situations. We can handle this without hurting ourselves or the animal. Call the professionals at Eugene Pest Control and Extermination.

Green Pest Control Solutions:

If we all do our part in conserving and protecting the environment, think of the vast difference we could make! That’s why we provide our customers with Eco-friendly alternatives to harsh chemicals that won’t hurt fish, birds, pets, children, and even most plant life. We are happy to know that our decision is making the world a little better, with each job we take. Call us today to learn more!